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question [May. 5th, 2008|05:58 pm]
all change will this
is there a certain saint/deity/angel/god/goddess/etc that you pray to in order to find new (read as: better) employment? If so, I want to put the word out there if you catch my drift...
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mondays usually arent this good. [May. 5th, 2008|12:16 pm]
all change will this
Holy shit, it's Monday morning and...

• Tom Waits announces a US tour (Saturday, June 28th at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus, OH anyone?)
• Nine Inch Nails put out a new album, available for free from their website
• "Ghosts I-IV" by Nine Inch Nails and "The Golden Hour" by Firewater both arrived in the mail
• We're gonna go see Iron Man tonight!
• Flyers move onto Eastern Conference Finals!!!
• Phillies start their series against the Diamondbacks tonight!!
• I'm forgetting something here...

And...and...happy Cinco De Mayo!

BTW - it was nice to see everyone on Saturday! Vik and Jess have a nice house! w00t!
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AGATgulnn;UNOON:U:ONN:kkk!!! imma pee myself! [May. 2nd, 2008|12:25 am]
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"Tune in and view highlights from the press conference held by musician and iconoclast Tom Waits to announce his summer tour "Glitter and Doom" on Monday, May 5 at http://www.tomwaits.com beginning at 9am EST.

Not only is Tom announcing a tour, but a website as well !

This is one of several announcements coming in the next week."

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this one goes out to the one i loathe... [May. 1st, 2008|02:57 pm]
all change will this
it dawned on me during my lunchbreak today...i fucking hate R.E.M.
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for anyone who might care... [Apr. 28th, 2008|06:59 pm]
all change will this
a link to the only known video of the band i was in during high-school:

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A choice [Apr. 22nd, 2008|03:43 pm]
all change will this
A choice between two people:

One of them worries me with their lack of convincing experience, and the fact that the fucker just really seems to tell me what I want to hear....which throws up a huge red flag with me when it comes to politicians. If I vote for this person, I am severely worried that it will end badly, with a country even more divided than it ever was before (ironic, given one of this person's many campaign slogans) And I am worried about a lot of very, very empty promises. I really don't know if I can vote for this person with the greatest of confidence.

The other worries me for a lot of the same reasons. Lack of convincing experience, hollow promises, etc. I am annoyed slightly by the way it seems this one almost feels entitled to the job. The problem with this fucker is that they don't necessarily tell me everything I want to hear, but that they seem to not represent my interests 100%. Is this a good thing? Is it better to be realistic about some things, rather than trying to be so damned idealistic? I don't know if I can vote for this person with the greatest of confidence either.

Nothing like having a choice! I cant wait to cast my vote. /< sarcasm>
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finally! [Apr. 15th, 2008|09:39 am]
all change will this
June 14!!!

this post brought to you by the punctuation mark, "!"
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well... [Apr. 14th, 2008|04:50 pm]
all change will this
if it's not one thing, it's definitely another.

fuck it.
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... [Apr. 10th, 2008|11:29 pm]
all change will this
Apparently, they're filming Transformers 2 in Philly.
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yap. [Apr. 7th, 2008|03:47 pm]
all change will this
Weekend came and went. Helped Terry & Becky move on Saturday. It was a little rough because we hadn't slept much the night before, since we were with jeannine's family umtil late the night before (her sister went to the emergency room- she's alright it seems now) So our sleep schedule is royally fucked at the moment, since we both took varying degrees of naps on Saturday after the move, making it so we couldn't sleep Saturday night even though we were sore all over and tired. We got up relatively early on Sunday as well, compounding the sleep schedule wackiness. Hopefully, tonight's regular night of sleep will set everything straight.

Been watching lately:
Sweeney Todd (Not bad at all; just be wary there really is a lot of singing)
3:10 to Yuma (great)
Waitress (alright, but I was expecting better)
Dexter - tv show (not bad so far, only a couple episodes into season 1 though)

Been listening to lately:
Bauhaus - "Go Away White" (much better than I would have thought)
Nick Cave - "Dig!!! Lazerus Dig!!!" (Good, not great, but good)
Barry Adamson - "Back to the Cat" (better than his last)
Kaizers Orchestra - "Maskineri" (not so good)
Praxis - "Profanation" (a couple really good songs mixed some rather bad ones)
Portishead - "Third" (wasn't impressed, might go back and listen again though)

alrighty, now i gotta go file a police report and kick the shit out of the people who work at Conicelli...more on this later..
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